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F.E.A.R. can paralyze us. But what is fear?  False, Evidence, Appearing, Real.

Simply put, you don’t know what you don’t know. As we all face the “new normal” of practicing dentistry we are faced with challenges. Have we not been faced with challenges in the past in our profession? I personally started practicing hygiene in 1984. I did not wear ANY protective gear. There were many days I left the office with raw hands from scrubbing the blood off my knuckles. In the early days (or olden days, if you will) of PPE, fact-based information taught us to embrace the “new normal” of wearing gloves, masks, protective eye wear, etc.  in order to protect ourselves. Once again, we are facing what will become another “new normal” in the dental industry.

As professionals, we do have choices; we can soak up all the knowledge we can get our hands on, break through the fear, and face the changes with equanimity; or, we can become paralyzed by the fear of the unknown and, by extension, not return to a career we love.

Knowledge is powerful, and with it the evolution of our profession is inevitable.  I challenge you to indeed grow, to embrace the facts, and to understand the enemy. Today it is covid-19, tomorrow it will be something else. We must learn to adapt and prepare to face the enemy, whatever it may be, with the proper equipment to ensure victory. Staying current is crucial. We must gather information from  trusted sources, especially when information is changing daily.  Studies indicate that use of a High Volume Evacuation system (HVE) can reduce aerosols by as much as 90%*.

The use of the innovative product shieldVAC can be the first line of defense. ShieldVAC, is more than an HVE vacuum. It is a shield that is connected to your HVE.  This product offers peace of mind when treating your patients. As we move into the “new normal” by educating ourselves, and investing in the proper equipment, we break through the fears and offer our patients the treatment they deserve.



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