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New York business owner Haseeb Sajid was excited about 2020 and the growth of his company, TBS Dental, before learning about the devastating virus that would reach every corner of the globe. Shutting down business operations to ensure the safety of employees, Sajid, like all of us, watched in the days and weeks that followed as communities, the nation, and the world dealt with the effects of COVID-19. Unsure about how dentistry might change, he soon understood that there was a greater oral health concern that needs attention. So, he quickly pivoted to create a device that will help protect dental health professionals and patients.

“As the dental community weathers the impact of COVID-19, I witnessed dental professionals, reps and friends scramble to acquire personal protective equipment (PPE) in anticipation of reopening their practices. I realized that there needed to be something that would act as an added barrier of protection against airborne dental contamination. Something that would provide a first-line of defense, even prior to the use of PPE,” said Sajid.

He continued, “I see hygienists that are afraid to return to work for fear of doing what before seemed second-nature. So, we have adapted our business model to develop a solution that is simple, affordable, and effective in combatting dental aerosols and splatter associated with the most common dental procedures. A system that will provide greater peace of mind and confidence to staff as they return to work and as patients return to the dental chair. Also, to do our part for the community we've decided that a portion of shieldVAC sales will be donated to COVID-19 relief work around the around.”