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Can I place an order for shieldVAC on your website if I don't have an account with a Dealer?

Yes, but once your order is placed, it will be sent to your preferred dealer branch for fulfillment. If you don’t have an account with any dealer, one of our shieldVAC specialists will reach out to you and assist you to open an account.

Can I order shieldVAC directly through a dealer?

Yes, please contact your Dealer Representative or place your order online.

Will shieldVAC fit our chair?

Yes, the shieldVAC has been designed to clamp to any chair, likely on the solid piece between the headrest and chair. Depending on your make and model, it may be necessary to attach to an alternative location like a chair arm. In smaller operatories, the adjustable clamp can even be mounted to an adjacent countertop or other solid surface.

Will the arm stay in place and what is the optimal position of shield placement?

The shieldVAC arm has been designed with a patent-pending, bendable gooseneck arm that is flexible enough to ideally position the shield 6-8 inches from the patient's face during treatment. The arm is rigid enough to stay in place as soon as it is released, without sag or relaxation.

Are the shields and insert adapters able to be sterilized and reused?

The shields may be cleaned with surface disinfectant wipes and reused. We recommend replacing the shields every 1-3 days. They are not autoclavable. Single use ONLY. Early testing of shieldVAC suggests that replacement frequency will vary depending on how often a shield is used, the method of cleaning, the cloth used, how aggressively it is wiped, and the visibility tolerance of the user. To ensure proper sterilization, it is recommended to change the HVE insert adapters between each patient. Airborne contaminants and debris can accumulate in the area between the adapter and the shield.

Does the shield stay clear enough to see with magnification and loupes?

Yes. During all phases of testing, the shieldVAC shield presented little to no accumulation during procedures and those using magnification were able to easily perform the procedures like normal. The barrier shield provides needed protection when the clinician looks directly through the shield, even when using loupes with light. The shield should not fog when used properly with HVE and saliva ejector.

Do the aerosol droplets that collect on the shield need to be wiped during the procedure?

If droplets accumulate during a long procedure, you can easily wipe the disposable shield, if necessary.

What if we have only one HVE available and an additional HVE is needed for an assistant?

There is a Y-adapter that can be used to split the tubing where it connects back to the operatory filter. These adapters can be purchased from your preferred dental supplier.

Does shieldVAC replace the need for PPE?

No, shieldVAC does not replace the need for personal protective equipment (PPE). It is, however, the first line of defense in reducing dental-induced aerosols. Masks, gloves, gowns, and protective eyewear essentially become a second layer to protect dental professionals. Normal CDC/OSHA guidelines should be followed as prescribed during patient treatment and when cleaning/preparing your operatory space for the next patient. 

Does shieldVAC eliminate all aerosols?

shieldVAC is designed to capture bulk amounts of aerosols and droplets. As with any extra-oral suction, there will always be remnants of aerosols remaining in the environment. It is recommended to wear proper PPE and, upon patient dismissal, sterilize the operatory appropriately.

What can I use to remove remaining contaminates from the operatory?

Proper sterilization using FDA/EPA sprays and wipes are recommended following patient dismissal. Additional measures, such as fogging the operatory with a ULV fogger or cleansing with HOCL (hypochlorous acid), are recommended to eliminate remaining residual aerosols prior to removing the operator’s PPE.

Where do the aerosols end up?

Aerosols collected by shieldVAC will travel to the office dental vacuum system. It is recommended to follow ADA sterilization protocols before changing filters.

What is your return policy?

Since shieldVAC is considered PPE, we are not accepting any returns due to the pandemic. We would be happy to resolve any issues with the system itself. All sales are final.

What is the product warranty?

We warranty shieldVAC for one-year against manufacturer defects. If an item is defective due to manufacturing errors, we will send you a replacement item at no cost.