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shieldVAC Complete Starter Kit


shieldVAC Complete Starter Kit


The Complete Kit includes:

  • Proprietary nano-steel flexible arm with chair clamp, Qty 1
  • 12-inch shieldVAC barrier shields, Qty 4
  • 10-inch shieldVAC barrier shields, Qty 4
  •  8-inch shieldVAC barrier shields, Qty 2 
  • HVE insert adapters, single-use, Qty 50
  • Arm-to-HVE tubing clips, Qty 3

shieldVAC by TBS Dental is the first line of defense in reducing airborne contaminants and debris by capturing up to 95% of expelled dental aerosols in advance of personal protective equipment (PPE). In three easy steps, shieldVAC's sleek, patent-pending design quickly and easily retrofits any operatory chair and utilizes the existing HVE. Provide the confidence and peace-of-mind that your patients and staff expect.


  • The nano-steel flexible arm is adjustable and attaches to a barrier shield that stays positioned, making two-handed hygiene achievable
  • Designed to quickly and easily fasten to existing operatory chair, eliminating additional bulky, noisy equipment in the operatory space


  • No expensive capital equipment is necessary because shieldVAC uses your existing HVE and can be fastened to any operatory chair
  • The fastest and most affordable way to provide additional protection for patients and staff


  • Patent-pending system uses high-volume suction along with saliva ejector to capture up to 95% of dental aerosols and splatter
  • Securely held in place with an adjustable arm, the anti-reflective barrier shield provides needed protection for the clinician when looking directly through the shield, even when using loupes with light
  • Shield should not fog with used properly with HVE